Mission & Vision

Customer satisfaction and top-quality services are the core principles of ALLTRANS.

Modern Logistics Approach

Modern Logistics Approach

Our main objectives are to produce the right and appropriate solutions for our customers, to meet the demands and expectations of our customers at the highest level, to deliver the job in a timely and impeccable manner without compromising quality, to ensure the continuity of the quality and improvement of the service, to encourage the personnel to self-improve and to follow new technologies, and never to deviate from our core values in providing services.

Our mission
To offer most innovative logistics solutions in all the sectors with a modern service approach without compromising the core principles.

Our vision
To maintain and improve our presence in the international logistics industry by providing utmost customer satisfaction. As a company known for its quality, reliability and perfectionism, to become an exemplary company in the sector and to be a pioneer that is sought after.


Alltrans Lojistik Uluslararası Taşımacılık Hizmetleri

Occupational Health and Safety Policy

  • To comply with legal safety and regulations related to occupational safety and security,
  • Maintaining continuous improvements by ensuring compliance with security criteria during all jobs carried out,
  • To give priority to determining the preventive measures against occupational accidents and allowing minimum number of occupational accidents 
  • Carry out leadership and training workshops for the employees to raise awareness about occupational health and safety procedures.